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Wilderness Lodge Pictures

I was looking at the Wilderness Lodge Pictures on the Wilderness Lodge site.  I think it has one of the best lobbies of any of the Disney Resorts.  I particularly like the fireplace.  It really gives the feel of a real Yellowstone lodge.  In fact it’s a very close representation of the lodge on which it is based.  The rooms are not the most impressive feature, but they have tons of great decorative features.  Plus the bunk beds are really cool.  I highly recommend giving it a try if you haven’t stayed there.  It’s fairly reasonably priced for a resort that’s only a boat ride away from the Magic Kingdom.

Image Source: aharden


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Steve Jobs

Welcome to LEGOland!

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Whatcha’ Got There?

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Yes Indeedy

Now this:

Is a tasty looking reuben.

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Disney World Restaurants

A lot of people don’t realize the options that are available for them at Disney World.  Dining does not have to be corn dogs and french fries.  In fact, I’d recommend you skip the fast food altogether and do a nice sit-down meal, what they call “Table Service.”  To help you here are the relevant pages from the Disney Food Blog:

As you can see Epcot has the most interesting options.  In fact the World Showcase has some of the most interesting dining options in all of Disney World.  Think twice before you get the (awful) pizza and see if there isn’t something more “magical” you could eat.

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The Transitional Phase

Personal Finance and investing are actually two separate topics.  We think of them as both being in the realm of “making money,” but actually personal finance has to do with making sure you save in some form and investing has to do with how you “save.”  Generally when we think of investing, we think of something with a risk and something with deferred gratification.  In fact we almost always associate investing with the stock market, even though that’s not necessarily reasonable.

In the current generation it is seen as unimaginable that people wouldn’t be invested in the stock market.  The previous generation was very different and their parents even more so.   Before you begin pumping your money into the stock market, it makes a lot of sense to make sure you know what you’re doing.  This article on getting started in the stock market can offer a lot of help if you’re in the transitional phase.  You’ve started to make enough money that you need to know what to do with it.  Going from scraping by to trying to build a future.

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Tight Landing

Not sure I’d want to try this landing.

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Sunday Investing and Finance Links

Here’s some good reading for you for your Sunday morning — Sunday Morning = Investing and Finance:

First Time Home Buyers Tax Credit – Who It’s For And What Is Needed To Claim It – Some people are going nuts for this tax credit.  Make sure you know what you’re talking about before you make any decisions.

Selling Covered Calls – Think options are only for hotshots and people who want to lose their money?  Well you’re mostly right, but this article makes a case for one situation in which you might want to consider them.

How to Build Your Savings Account – This little niche site has some good information on saving.  This was my favorite although there’s some factual information in the insurance section that’s worth checking out.

10 Places to Make Money Online – I’m from the school of starting a business, not working for others, but if you’re just looking for some ways to augment your income without too much commitment, this is a useful list.

Best Investing Books for Beginners – Nice short list for those of us who just want to know what we have to read to have a clue.

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Disney’s Contemporary

I would love to stay in Disney’s Contemporary one day.   Sadly as the commenter in this article about Garden Wing vs. Tower my decisions have more to do with how to get to WDW at all, more than which fancy room I’d like.  I wonder if I should go more infrequently and stay in nicer places?

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Some Thoughts on Investing

I wrote an article on Invest Every Month about investment education.  I’ve been having all kinds of crackpot fears about whether the stock market is a scam and the investing industry is evil.   I’m certainly not convinced that they aren’t and it often feels like they’re in cahoots with the government.  By keeping interest rates so low, I pretty much have to play along with the Ponzi scheme or get devoured by inflation.

I was pleased to see that Investing First Steps had a similar list of the best books for beginners as I did.   It would be great if we got back to what investing was really supposed to mean in this country, instead of a speculative roulette wheel.  Let’s go back to research and analysis, instead of gambling.

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